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Reginald Hislop III is a CEO with national renown. He has worked in the non-profit and business sectors for over thirty years, lending his experience to those that need it most. Reginald is a published author, public speaker, and advisor.

Through extensive experience, Reginald Hislop III has learned all the best business structure and development practices. He has a proven track record of growing market share and establishing plus integrating new programs and services. Over the years, Reginald has expanded and defined the enterprise visions of several organizations, bringing them closer to a path full of success. Most of Reginald Hislop’s experience revolves around the CEO and Board level of business development, such as strategy development, marketing, finances, and risk management. However, he is always open to new challenges and has worked with several other business elements. 

As an active businessman, Reginald Hislop III was formerly the CEO of Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries. Oakwood Lutheran is dedicated to helping the lives of seniors in the area, ensuring that they live rich, safe, and fulfilled lives. They approached Reginald Hislop III in hopes of him taking over the role of CEO, which he gladly accepted. He is responsible for growing the organization, expanding its revenue, and improving operations quality. In other words – he’s the perfect man for the job. Reginald’s efforts prove this belief wrong, as he has helped the organization give back more to its seniors and community. Reginald Hislop III signed on with Oakwood in 2019, yet he’s already made tremendous strides within the organization. He restructured its debt, developed a state-of-the-art SNF building (which connects the campus to other facilities), and increased revenue and occupancy. Likewise, Reginald acquired a home health agency and started a new Medicare hospice service.  

The other organization Reginald Hislop III is heavily involved in is H2 Healthcare. H2 Healthcare is based in Galena, Illinois, and Reginald is the organization’s co-founder and Managing Partner. He founded H2 Healthcare in 2011, staying to guide the company to growth and success. They are a national scope consulting practice with clients such as Larksfield Place, DeMatteo Moness, Gerson Lehrman Group, and many other companies. H2 Healthcare guides health policies, economics, and marketing research.  

These organizations are far from Reginald Hislop III’s only experience. For over a decade, Reginald was the President and CEO of The Village at Manor Park, Inc. Likewise, Reginald has been involved in several organizations and boards. For example, in 1989, Reginald founded West Allis Education Foundation and acted as chairman until 2004. 

Reginald Hislop III is well-known for his experience and ability to share his viewpoints. As such, he has been invited to participate in several presentations and published over one hundred fifty articles and research papers. Reginald has also published three books, the most recent being “5 Star Quality Rating System Technical Guide.” Reginald also runs a blog on Economics, Public Policy, and Healthcare (  

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